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Corporate Brochure

Marketing designed to inspire confidence

Creation of the unique brand name Dexter to create an impact for this, small airlines services.

The thought behind strong powerful logo and marketing materials, was to gain full impact but also emphasise the fast and effective service to fly “There and Back”.

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Three Sixty

Magazine Design

Understand your market, dude!

Our vision of a cool but bold look helped launch this brand new magazine offering surfing and boarding products to the mass market. Customers can sign up online at, and the magazine’s news content helps drive web traffic and sales from the boarding community.

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Vision Express

illustration Artwork

Eye-catching illustrations

Our illustrated eyeball characters Eric and Ernie were a hit with the team when Vision Express wanted to support staff and customer loyalty through personal birthday cards. We designed the pair not only holding the celebratory banner together, but as individuals who could be adapted for use on other projects as required.

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